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How to buy good herb extract?

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How to buy good herb extract?

How to buy good herb extract?

Plant extracts

1.What is plant extract (botanical extract)?

Plant extract is based on plants and is based on the final extraction. The need for the use of the product, through physical and chemical extraction and separation processes, directed acquisition and concentration Production of one or more active ingredients in a substance without altering the structure of its active ingredient Product.

2.Botanical extracts classification

1. Different classification according to the purpose of extraction:

 1) Proportion extract:

An extract made by extracting and concentrating raw materials such as plants and animals. Flow extract or powder, the ratio of the amount of raw material before extraction to the product after extraction and concentration example. Proportional extracts generally do not have very specific ingredients and contents. Such as 10 kilograms Astragalus membranaceus is extracted and concentrated into 1 kg of powdered product, which we call 10:1 jaundice For example, the important indicators such as astragalus and baicalein in this extract have no clear label. quasi. Proportional extracts are usually qualitatively detected using thin-layer scanning (reflection), conceptual comparison    Blurring, which is unfavorable to the development of the extract industry, therefore, establish the quality of the proportional extract Control systems and standards are also the unanimous voice of the industry for many years.

 2) Standard extract:

It is an extract of herbs, plants and animals with consistency standards. Chinese herbal medicine standard extract refers to the extraction of traditional Chinese herbal medicines by modern science and technology. An extract obtained by processing with a relatively clear mass (quantitative). The standard extract refers to the active ingredients from the botanical extract. For example: the green tea contain theanine, tea polyphenol, egcg, epicatechin. The standard extract refer to the single ingredient of the botanical extract.  

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