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alpha Lipoic acid

Lipoic acid (LA), also known as α-lipoic acid and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and thioctic acid
Cas No.: 1077-28-7
Purity: 99.0-101.0%


(ALA), also known as α-lipoic acid and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and thioctic acid
Cas No.: 1077-28-7
Purity: 99.0-101.0%

Alpha lipoic acid is a vitamin drugs, limited physical activity in its dextral, basically no physical activity in its Lipoic acid, and no side effects. It is always used for acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatic coma, fatty liver, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease ,and applies as an antioxidant health products.

α-lipoic acid (also known as lipoic acid, thioctic acid, or ALA) is one of the good fatty acids produced in every one of our cells. One of its main functions is to help convert glucose (blood sugar) into energy. About forty years ago, biologists discovered that ALA is also an antioxidant—a powerful substance that combats potentially harmful chemicals called free radicals which may cause heart and liver disease, cancer, cell aging,and many other conditions.

1.Alpha lipoic acid can improve the growth performance and meat performance to increase economic benefits;
2.Alpha lipoic acid will be coordination of the metabolism of Sugar, Fat and Amino Acid to improve animal immune function;
3.Alpha lipoic acid used to protect and promote the absorption and transformation of VA,VE and other oxidation nutrients in feed as antioxidant;
4.Alpha lipoic acid have the effective to ensure and improve the production performance of livestock and poultry and egg production in heat-stress environment.

 COA of Lipoic Acid

Physical Property
AppearanceSlightly Yellow Powder
Mesh Size100% through 80 mesh size
General Analysis
Loss on Drying≤5.0%
Solvents ResidueMeet Eur.Ph6.0<5.4>
Pesticides ResidueMeet USP32<561>
Lead(Pb)≤1.0 ppm
Arsenic(As)≤1.0 ppm
Cadmium(Cd)≤1.0 ppm
Mercury(Hg)≤0.08 ppm
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g
Yeast &Mold≤100cfu/g


[Storage] Stored in a clean, cool and dry area; keep away from strong, direct light.

[Shelf Life] 2 years when properly stored.


Inner double plastic bags–25kg/Fiber drum (35*35*53cm, GW: 28kg, NW: 25kg, 0.06CBM);

Inner double plastic bags–5kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 6.5kg, NW: 5kg);

Inner double plastic bags–1kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 1.5kg, NW: 1kg).

[Delivery] 5 working days after payment.

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